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Nixmoney payment system added

Dear investors and guests,

We glad to present you our next updates today.

Our managament agreed to operate by Nixmoney payment system.

From today, in addition to Perfect Money and Payeer, we will processing deposits and withdrawals by NixMoney.

Shortly about NixMoney:

NixMoney is a relatively new Java-based payment system supporting such cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin or Litecoin.

It uses a transparent method of charging fees. The registration procedure is easy and revolves around only e-mail address, login and password. There is no need to provide any personal data.

The fee is fixed at 0,5% per transaction (the minimum fee is 5 cents). All controversial cases are ruled in clients' favor. For example, 2.95 dollars will become 3 dollars.

All transactions are completely safe. Unix-operated, NixMoney is invulnerable to all types of viruses, which makes this system extremely safe. Payments are processed separately, ensuring that each of them is treated properly. If something strange or suspicious happens, the operation will be halted. Moreover, NixMoney is extremely resilient: even when all payment systems have to shut down, NixMoney is still working as usual. Even if something goes terribly wrong, the system will be automatically backed up in order to prevent losses.

Advantages: easy API, convenience, currency exchange capabilities, possibility to have shared accounts, eliminated double payment risk and delay.

Nowadays we are one of the most stable companies, will always on guard to your earnings.
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