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updates - insurance and compensation funds avaliable

Dear investors and guests,

We heard horrifying news that the two of largest companies, such as Yesss Capital LTD( and BSFinance Limited ( was crashed and were forced to stop paying to their investors.

Their mistake was that they were engaged in trading on the crypto-market!
And as we all observed over the past two weeks, crypto-market was very unstable and unpredictable, so they made mistakes and lose!

We don't trade in cryptocurrencies! We're the serious organization and invest in the stock market only - in the largest and most reliable companies, where there is have no such volatility as in the cryptocurrency market.

We're the experienced team of professionals, therefore, the growth of stock prices and high dividends allow us to make high profits, while maintaining stability and confidence in the future!

Having heard about this terrible tragedy, we're very condolences for those people who could lose their money in these companies, and decided to help them recover their losses - allocating the compensation fund from our company for victims of scams - Yesss Capital LTD and BSFinance Limited.

Calculating all kinds of risks, and having discussed with the management, we allocated the amount of $10,000 to the compensation fund.

Despite the fact that we comply with the risk management, we also decided to increase our insurance fund, which is stored in accounts with a reliable Bank of England and will protect in any unforeseen circumstances!

Currently, the amount of $50,0000 has been allocated to the insurance fund.

We have added the actual information to the main page of our website, you can always see it on the top panel.

Information on how to receive compensation for losses in companies Yesss Capital LTD and BSFinance Limited will be available shortly, follow the news.

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Nowadays we're one of the most stable companies, will always on guard to your earnings.
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Yours Sincerely,
Dependable Gain LTD Management Team