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How to get compensation from our fund!

Dear investors and guests,

Information about how to get compensation from our Compensation fund!

Compensation list:

  • Yesss Capital LTD(

  • BSFinance Limited (

If you or someone that you know has suffered from the scam of the companies from the list above, contact us by mail,

subject: Compensation

Provide us such information as:

  • Company name and web-site;

  • The amount of total invested;

  • Total amount of lost funds, except withdrawn profit;

  • Also provide us your username and password so that our managers can verify the information you provided.

After verification and confirmation, our compensation manager will contact you to compensate for your losses!

Also, if it possible, we'll try to expand the list of compensation companies, if you lose money in a company that's not on the list, please contact us, and if there is enough compensation fund, we'll try to help you as soon as possible!

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